Say Bye to “Bottles” for Good

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One afternoon just after their routine sleep Aahamya needed their bottle feed?

They asked me wiping off their eyes.

Saying Maa “dhudhu”

They were about 2.4 years old now and I had made up my mind now about kicking off their bottles.

So I reacted at them in utter shock and replied

“Beta dhudhu bottle to maa ne baby ko de diya”

(I have given bottle to baby)

Thanks to that baby opposite  to our kitchen who was probably younger that Aahmya and keeps on crying and whenever Aahmaya heard his cries they use to ask why is he crying and I use to say his mama doesn’t have milk bottle and he want to drink in it.

So one day I used these made up story of mine to wean off their bottles.

Although they did made chaos that afternoon as they did search the entire kitchen like some search team got the search warrant to ransack my home and to make sure I have not hidden it.

After couple of hours they settled to have it in cup with silicon nipples and so innocently they said

“Maa  ab to baby nahi royega,usko bottle de diya”

(Now baby will not cry as he got his bottle)

I felt so bad at that particular moment and my heart sink in my mouth.

Clearing lump from my throat I managed to smile and hug both of them.

I know sometimes we MOMS need to be so strong to take these kind of decision knowing what best for our children’s.

Apart from this I did prepare Aahamya well before by below things.

  1. Was giving them juice and water in cup to get them habitual how sipping from cup actually works.
  2. Also time to time making them understand that its not good to drink from bottle now as they are grown up girls now.
  3. Ordered colorful attractive sipper type cups and glasses for them to lure them and get them attracted from boring white opaque bottles.
  4. Start with silicon based nipple sipper and then can gradually switch to normal sipper or cups.
  5. Be stick to your plan once you make up your mind as after kicking off re-introduction of bottles on their high demands will never let them switch.
  6. Take help of family members and inform them well in advance about your plan as kids are smart enough these days and they might take confirmation from them.

Why it’s important to say Bye to Bottles-

  1. Prolonged bottle used leads to tooth decay.
  2. Bottle feeding may lead to Obesity as kids often consume more than required.
  3. Bottle feed while lying down can lead to ear infection.
  4. We will save your time off as cleaning the bottles is a task.
  5. Letting go bottle feeding will help you travel easily as you can carry sippy cups now.

This is my story for “Weaning off bottles” for my little girls.

Please share your tricks, tips and suggestions to kick off bottles so fellow moms have a fair idea about it.

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8 thoughts on “Say Bye to “Bottles” for Good

  1. Much needed post for me. My twinnies can drink from sipper but somehow prefer drinking milk from bottles. Ur post was a wake up call for me. Inspite of knowing that it’s time to stop completely procrastination had gripped me. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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