Easy to cook healthy recipe for Kids

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I have been struggling to stay calm on situation which is completely out of my hands and icing on cake is I have to nail it either by hook or crook.

Do you guys know what am I  talking about!!

Any guesses???

Well everyone close to me know that I HATE COOKING

Yes!!Yes!! I m that badass girl who as per society don’t know how to cook and have already out of that phase where people had commented all sort of thing about me not liking cooking and we all know the sayings!! Right!! I need not to highlight those.

So why suddenly i m talking about cooking!!
Till I was not a mother not cooking is fine but now after having kids whom you want to feed healthy it’s a primarily responsibility of a MOTHER to get this done.

So no matter what had made me run from not cooking till date finally I decided to cook often and learn new recipes.

My best friend in this new venture is YouTube of course.

As Aahmaya started their pre-school and have to pack lunch for them which for me was like fireballs straight from the dragon mouth hitting me and me knocked out straight away.

So starting with simple ingredients i will be sharing three easy & quick to cook (most important for me as have to rush for work after doing all these) recipe which i tried for very first time myself.

Main Ingredient – Wheat Flour

  1. Chappati Laddu

Yes, for all those mommies who worried about their children fussing to refuse eating Rotis/chappatis.

The formula is to give it in some other form which we mother’s are best.


Fresh made roti

Jaggery (I like to use Jaggery instead of sugar) 


Dry fruits powder (mix of whatever dry fruits you want to)

Desiccated coconut


Put all items in mixer and make powder not very fine mid way.

Pour it in a bowel and form shape of laddu.

Keep some desiccated coconut in a bowel and gently coat each of them.


Healthy Laddu ready in ten minutes for lunch.

Pack up with some Namkeen Chiwada.

  • Wheat flour Chilla


Atta/Whaet Flour



Chopped Onions



Chat masala


Black pepper




Mix curd and wheat flour and keep aside for about half an hour. Than mix all other ingredients and make chila like consistency.

Heat tawa and put on slow flame while pouring the batter and spread evenly depending on how small and big you want to make.

Cook until golden brown both sides.

Pack with coconut chutney or just spread bit of tomato ketchup.

Pack with Juice.

  • Paneer stuffed Parantha

(Sweet and Salty)

Ingredients for salty


Wheat flour dough

Chat masala


Black pepper




Mix all spices in paneer and keep aside.

Make some small balls from wheat dough and fill paneer in it and roll it in parantha.

Use ghee to cook paranthas.

For Sweet Panner parantha

This i usually make from home made paneer as its best for sweet one.

Just take paneer add sugar and some dry fruit powder and mix it for stuffing.

Make small balls from dough and fill it with mixture and roll it to paranthas.

Use ghee to cook paranthas.

Pack up with some potato wedges.

Also in addition to these small portion lunches do pack seasonal fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, mango, apple, banana everyday as kids tend to finish it up with other kids at school without much fuss.

Muskmelon for lunch

Do let me know what are you mommies packing up for lunch so can revive up my list and learn few more recipes.

Likes, comment ,share on post is source of inspiration.

I have been introduced by Noor Anand Chawla, you can check her blog on https://nooranandchawla.com/ who is an author of e-book. Also, I would like to introduce Kanika manaktala,you can check her blog on  https://thecolorpallette.wordpress.com/  who is a mom of pretty girls and avid reader like me also love gardening.

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12 thoughts on “Easy to cook healthy recipe for Kids

    1. please let me know how it is…My kiddos love it and satisfaction for me as a mother that they are eating wholesome food


  1. I usually send chapathi with jam in lunch box to my kids/ semiya upma/ lemon rice/ egg fried rice. For snacks, cucumber and carrot cut pieces is one option. Love your ideas, will try.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks dear…I also send roti with jam on it but my Aahamya never ate it and when i asked them they say its not good than this search began..let me know how it turn up


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